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Golden Grounds & Mediums - Make Any Surface Ready for Drawing!


Beginners to professionals, 67% of all artists draw. GOLDEN Acrylic Grounds and Mediums are a proven catalyst for taking drawing beyond sketchbooks and paper, expanding creativity through larger formats, found objects, and wherever else your imagination takes you.

Creating a surface suitable for pencil, pastel, charcoal, marker or watercolor brings new flexibility to your creative process and potential. For your next project, try one of these acrylic products as a starting point for something bolder, bigger or different:

Acrylic Ground for Pastels enables artists working in almost any dry media to create a toothy, absorbent surface. Whether the medium is pastel, charcoal, graphite, or chalk artists can work over natural wood grain with its semi-transparent quality or color of their surface by tinting with any acrylic color.

For the look and feel of handmade paper, Fiber Paste is like spreadable pulp in a jar. Unlike paper, acrylic Fiber Paste dries to a durable, flexible support that doesn’t warp and tear easily when wet, and withstands even the most intense mark-making. It can be tinted, smoothed or shaped to provide artists the ability to design their drawing surface.

Molding Paste is an opaque white mixture of marble dust and acrylic gel commonly used for impasto painting with acrylics. However, Molding Paste has a smooth and mildly absorbent surface that makes an excellent surface for fine drawing and detail. By skimming this product over canvas or wood panel, artists can reduce texture while creating a receptive surface for drawing.

Silverpoint/Drawing Ground is a modern preparation for the centuries old drawing technique using a metal stylus, the precursor to graphite pencils. A brilliant white, very liquid, fluid paint, it also makes an excellent preparation for any media where a smooth white surface is desirable, like pencil, pen and ink, or watercolors. Compatible with regular acrylic colors, Silverpoint/Drawing Ground may also be tinted with up to 20% color, and retain surface qualities necessary for silverpoint technique.

Micaceous Iron Oxide is actually from our Fluid and Heavy Body Iridescent colors palette, but it can be used to create a very dark, sparkling surface similar to fine sandpaper. Loaded with finely ground black mica, this opaque paint can be a dramatic background for light and bright colored pencils and pastels. You can think of it as “black gesso with a bite.”

Crackle Paste is a light bodied, opaque white medium that cracks as it dries. It has the consistency of whipped topping, and is recommended for use on rigid supports over a base of acrylic gesso or medium to assist with adhesion. Once dry, it’s moderately absorbent surface provides a distressed aged surface for staining with acrylic color, and drawing with most soft media.

For a surface with a velvet matte quality, Fine Pumice Gel is unsurpassed. Made with volcanic pumice powder and clear gel, it retains the very fine grittiness and absorbency of pumice while suspended in a clear acrylic gel. It dries translucent or it can be tinted with color, or white. Very thin applications are almost transparent, and the surface provides a slightly smoother surface for drawing than Acrylic Ground for Pastels, or Course Molding paste.

GOLDEN ARTIST COLORS makes over 40 different gels, pastes, grounds and gessos as a part of the most extensive and innovative acrylic system for artists. For more information on these products, visit


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